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Walk or Run? June 29, 2010

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I’ve been planning on buying an embroidery machine for a few months now. I’ve been using the one at the Techshop and it is slowly driving me insane. It’s hard to make enough time and due to the excessive use, it’s often out of order. No good.

The original plan was to take part of the money from the deposit on my old apartment and buy the same or a similar machine as the one I’ve been using. But while researching prices and features I came across the Janome MB4, a super awesome semi-industrial embroidery machine. It is super sexy, in that automated embroidery machine kind of way. It does everything I want it to do, better than all the other machines I’ve been looking at. But, and this is a big but, it is 4 times more money.

Now I thought about it a lot: compared the upfront cost with it’s resale value, the time savings and efficiency, and figured it was very possible that this machine would eventually pay for itself. But, I just don’t have that kind of money.

So with a little sanity check from my mom, I decided to give it a year. I’ll buy the best one I can within the price range I afforded myself. In a year if I’m still going strong and have made/sold enough badges and whatnot to sustain this project, I’ll see about getting the big gun.

So please continue to buy my stuff, tell your science-y friends about the badges and keep giving me all your wonderful support. I really love making things, I’d really love to be able to make this an actual living one day. But at least, I’d like to continue breaking even on a larger scale. 😀


Science Scouts May 17, 2010

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I’ve been spending a lot of time away from the kitchen this month. Slaving over a hot sewing machine instead. You see, a while ago I discovered The Science Scouts, a super awesome site that celebrates the science-y accomplishments of nerdy types like me.  They have created badges for accomplishments, but no actual – tangible thingies to sew on a bag or lab coat. So I took the initiative and picked up where they left off.

My plan was to make the ones my friends and I have accomplished, and sell a couple extra on etsy to pay for the materials. However, I have gotten such great feedback from everyone, including O.O.T.S.S.O.E.R.A.A.A.P. itself, that I’m going to try and make a few of all of them (90 something, if I counted correctly), WHEW!

So if you are interested, please let me know. You can reply to this post or contact me via etsy with a list of the badges you want and I’ll contact you when they are ready. I am also thinking of ways to show off the badges i.e. sashes, etc., and will make them on special order.

Be warned, these are handmade, not in any way professionally done. There will be minor flaws, at least in the first few, but all of them are made with love. I hope you find them as special as I do 🙂

A fellow Science Scout modeling his sash for me

First sucker, ahem, (custom order) customer

Thank you all for the wonderful support! My etsy store got so many hits, it was crazy. I am almost completely out of stock, more on the way. Please do send special requests, I will do my best fill your orders right away.

You guys ROCK!


Geek Chef on Etsy January 15, 2010

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I just created a second account on Etsy for my edible creations and food related goodies. There are still a few Geek Chef goodies on the angelheart account, but they will be ported over eventually.

Buy my stuff!!


Back on the market June 24, 2009

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Today I posted two of my older prints on Etsy. These were done on a Gocco press a few years ago. I really love my Gocco and am sad that it has been discontinued, angry that the supplies are becoming harder and harder to find.  I haven’t cracked the seal on my yudo yet but I am excited and have a few ideas in the works.

What is a Gocco?

Gocco is a Japanese screenprinting system developed in 1977. The colorful plastic body is compact and completely self-contained. It is clean, quick and easy to use. The system works using flash bulbs, a carbon-based image or photocopy and an emulsion-coated screen. When the bulbs are manually flashed the carbon burns the screen into a stencil. Ink can then be applied and multiple prints  stamped out, as many as 100 before re-inking is needed. Fans of print gocco appreciate its size, cleanliness, relatively inexpensive cost and the fact that several colors can be printed in one “pass”.

Gocco supplies online

Felt Cafe
Gocco Press
Letters and Print
Northwood Studios
Paper Source
Print Addict
Welsh Products
Price Per Gocco Print, Broken Down

Alternative for Gocco supplies

yudu 62-5000 Screen Printing Machine-USA Gocco Resources
G.E. #5 flasbulbs

Gocco info and articles

Gocco Blog
Associated Content Gocco Article
Wikipedia Entry
NEHOC Australian gocco supply + guides
go go gocco info and interactive demo
Riso Corp. site
A letter from a gocco US rep to a us supplier
Flikr gocco demise discussion
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gocco gone article in Detroit’s metrotimes
Save Gocco Campaign Update
New York Times: The Cult of Gocco
Gocco Press

Gocco classes

San Francisco center for the book
Maine College of Art: Portland, ME
gocco workshops: Portland, ME
gocco available for open studio use: craft gym, sf ca

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