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Small Obsession July 20, 2011

Filed under: Food — geekchef @ 12:05 pm

My sweetie and I have been creating a list in our heads of songs that use unique words in the lyrics. Unique as in no other song uses that word. It’s a little hard to prove, but some are givens. Like in Jessie’s Girl, he uses the word “moot”, common enough word but I dare you to find another song that uses it.

Other easy words are the ones the artist made up, like Lucubrious  or Pompitous.

Then there are words like abolitionist, proposition, compositions, procreation, statistics and hallucinatory – I think they might be unique, no one has proven me wrong yet.

So that’s why we made a tumblr blog! To share the insanity!! Add words you think are unique or disprove words already posted.



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