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Chocomole September 11, 2008

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I haven’t tried this yet. But I am intrigued. I normally do not site my sources, but this is a Mraz inspired dish and I have to spread the love.

Taken from his entry directly


What you’ll need in the bowl:
2 Ripe (soft) Avocados
20 yummy dates
Some Coconut Oil, Agave Nectar, Vanilla Extract, and Raw Cacao

What you’ll need on the radio:
I prefer Italian, Flamenco, or Reggae. Funiculi, Funicula always puts a bounce over the cutting board. However, Bob Marley goes well with this tropical delicacy.

Halve the two Avocados and mush up all the green goodness. You may throw away the seed but save the skins as those will be used as serving cups later.
Chop chop chop the dates again and again and again. About 8-10 dates per avocado should do the sticky trick. A food processor makes this task super easy, but doing it by hand can be meditative. Careful you don’t zone out and add fingernail or blood to the recipe. There’s already plenty of calcium in the pudding.
Squirt/Pour/Drizzle in as much Agave Nectar as you’d like. I like to do a few tablespoons to start and then add more at the end if the mousse isn’t sweet enough. Just a drop of Vanilla will do.
Then throw on a Heaping spoonful of Coconut Oil. This is a must as it will really dress up the dessert and surprise the tastebuds with something more exotic that you’d anticipated. (on a side note, you can use cococut oil for cooking everything. it’s a super healthy alternative, especially for those who still cook with left over bacon grease.)
Add one spoonful of raw Cacao PER avocado. Too much cacao could make the goo bitter, so be modest.
Now stir it up… little darlin’ stir it up. If you have a kitchen mixer, try to harmonize with it. Otherwise mixing with a knife and fork will help you get those dates down to a smoother dimension.

The recipe should fit perfectly back into the Avocado Skins. Whatever’s left over you should eat with your fingers right then and there.


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