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How to cut a mango September 20, 2007

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I’ve seen this in cooking shows a few times. I always thought that it was such filler crap. Like the ‘weird news’ section of the newspaper. But I use this tip all the time, as often as I have mango that is. It really does effectively remove most of the mango in a somewhat presentable and uniform way.

So here is goes…

1) Slice off one of the hemispheres from the mango; do this by guestimating where the seed is (the widest part of the mango, placing your knife alongside the seed – but about a half inch to the side and cut through. If you hit seed, scoot your knife over a bit more, you can go back and get the ‘meat’ you missed later.

2) Using the tip of the knife, cut a grid in the flesh. don’t cut all the way through the skin, just the meat.

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3) Run your knife around the inside edge of the flesh to loosen up all of the edge pieces.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

4) Turn the mango half inside out so it looks sorta like a hedgehog.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

5) Use either a knife or your thumb and ‘pop’ out the cubes. Depending on the firmness of the flesh, it should slide out really easily.

Repeat the same process for the second half and then cut away at whatever is left on the seed.


The white stuff in the bowl is sticky rice and coconut sauce. I’f I’m feeling generous I’ll post a recipe for that.


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