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Office gelato machine vs. Rachel September 6, 2007

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The newest toy at my office is a gelato machine. It’s self-cooling so there is no need for ice and no chamber to freeze ahead if time. Clearly an ingenious tool of the devil.

I decided to kick off the madness with a batch of peaches and cream, I used the peaches and nectarines pushing over ripe from our weekly fruit delivery and threw it in the blender with heavy cream and some simple syrup.

About an hour later, we had very yummy ice cream.

It wasn’t exactly perfect, I think in the next batch I’ll take off the skin of the peaches and fold the cream in after blending the rest of the ingredients, frothing the cream up in the blender ended up with frozen fluffs in the ice cream. I would like to experiment with this though; I wonder how whipped cream would respond in the machine?

The next try was sorbet made from the overripe cantaloupes, again from an organic express delivery.

I chopped and smooshed the cantaloupe by hand as much as I could, to prevent the blender from beating the flavor out of the fruit. I chopped up some Thai basil and added that to the mix with a little lemon juice. I have to tell you, that shit was fantastic. It was gone before it made it out of the machine.

If this was a battle, I think the machine would win. I am defeated but content.


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