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Dinner at Greens September 6, 2007

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I went to Greens at Fort Mason a few weeks ago. There was a large group of us celebrating a birthday so we got the fixed menu, offering 3 courses with about 5 choices for each course.

The boy and I arrived late and our stuffed squash blossoms and heirloom tomatoes were devoured already, however our tablemates were nice enough to tell us how good it was.

Next course was Ravioli; which had subtle tastes of mushroom and a very light cream sauce. I would have preferred a little more kick to the dish, either in the sauce or maybe some braised greens. Although comforting, the pasta was just a little too easy to forget.

The boy got the mushroom tart: which had a very nice earthy taste, it looked like there was a pretty healthy mix of fresh mushrooms and the flavors complemented each other well. I wasn’t completely sold on this dish either; there was a HUGE gaping hole in the middle of the tart where food should have been. It looks like there was an air bubble in the filling or in the dough and left the middle of the tart empty.

This is disappointing not only because the dish is small and that air bubble pretty much cut the serving in half, but also showed poor quality control. I’ve been watching too much Hell’s Kitchen perhaps, but I feel like Gordon Ramsey should have thrown the tart back into the face of whoever plated and served that mistake.

On to dessert… I’m not sure I can say anything bad about dessert. I ordered the chocolate tart that was ultra rich, almost more than I can handle –to my knowledge, it is impossible to create chocolate too rich for me, FYI.

I picked out the boy’s course; he gave up after his doughnut shaped tart. So, ‘he’ got the granola/nut cake thing… sorry I do not remember the actual name. It tasted like granola soaked in milk and honey and baked with ice cream on top. Not bad, I guess it could pass as an almost healthy dessert, except for the ice cream. I think my only suggestion would be to perhaps make a ‘crust’ out of courser chopped nuts and then fill the cake with a finer mix in the middle. Overall the consistency was a little too chunky for my liking, but the flavor was great.

Ambiance was fine, the place was packed but I didn’t feel crowded. The open windows and waterfront view helps to distract from the other tables. The décor is simple and lovely. The presentation of the menus was simplistic, it felt as though it was written, Xeroxed and then handed off like coupons on the street. That sheet of paper could stay the same but placed on a clipboard of some kind would provide a better presentation.

Thus endith my first restaurant critique


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